Milroy Byrde

Milroy Byrde

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Working in the tourism industry in Europe made me a perfect fit to be a Travel Agent in Canada. I began traveling with my family since I was just a child and I haven’t stopped since! I grew up in the hilly city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, which is an ancient capitol of Ceylon. Renowned for its Buddhist temples and arts, I grew to love colorful architecture and images and soon wished to see as much of the world's art as I could.

I began moving with my family all over Sri Lanka from the capitol to smaller cities and villages. These early travels inspired me to see not only my own country but the world at large!

I soon moved to Paris where I would work right beside the Eiffel Tower for over 15 years. I worked in the hotel and tourism industry and was able to meet experts and travelers from all over the world. Using these experiences, I decided to become a travel agent so that I could directly assist travelers in making their vacations amazing!

I currently reside in Vancouver and continue to enjoy booking unique vacations for all types of travelers. I work with groups, families, honeymooners, and destination weddings in multiple countries. I have traveled to many of the world's most popular destinations so that I can offer firsthand tips and insights. This includes:

The Caribbean
And more!

I would love for more of the world to see my home country of Sri Lanka due to its natural wonders and rich history. There are countless temples and artifacts in even the smallest towns, and I truly believe there is something there for everyone!

I am always available to answer calls and messages from my clients before and during the trip. I want you to feel comfortable and happy with everything, and I will do everything in my power to make your trip unforgettable. Let’s work together to prepare your next incredible vacation!

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